A small group leader is second only to our pastor. His or her commission is directly from God. To teach at all is a work of serious responsibility, but to teach the Bible is an especially sacred vocation – one not to be taken lightly. A small group leader can have a profound impact on homes, the workplace, and the church. Never underestimate the power of one person when that person is used by God.
One of our core values is worship–using our every breath in whatever we do for God’s glory and purpose. We desire to equip our people to live a life of worship, wherever they live, work, study, play or shop. The worship ministry seeks to enhance that relationship by giving our people an opportunity to praise God together in a weekend worship environment, and then sending them out to be God’s hands and feet the other 99% of the week.
The underlying purpose of outreach is not simply meeting needs in the community. It is a platform we utilize to make people aware of God’s love for them. Because the spiritual, material, physical, financial, emotional, intellectual and social needs of our community are so diverse, several different types of outreach programs are necessary. For example, during the summer of 2021, we challenged our congregation to put others first. Watch what we did here